Mac (Snow Leopard 10.6.2) installation on VirtualBoxJan 22, 2011

If you like working with Mac OS X and you don't have Mac hardware, no problem you can use Mac OS X on your personal PC no need to buy any additional hardware or software. First of all download all of the following prerequisites.


  1. Download Sun VirtualBox
  2. Download uTorrent
  3. Download Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 SSE2/SSE3 Intel AMD. Unzip file and download Snow Leopard using uTorrent.

Ready to install

Once you have downloaded all of the above software then by following these steps you can install Mac OS X on your PC.

  1. Install Sun VirtualBox and open it, click on "New" button.
  2. New virtual machine wizard will open, click on "Next" button.
  3. Name your virtual Machine "Mac", select operating system "Mac OS X", select version "Mac OS X Server" and click on "Next" button.
    Name and set operating system
  4. Set amount of base memory for virtual machine and click "Next" button, for better performance assign at least 2048 MB.
    Set amount of base memory
  5. Make hard disk bootable, select "Boot Hard Disk", "Create new hard disk" and click "Next" button.
    Create new hard disk
  6. It will open New hard disk wizard, click on "Next" button.
  7. Select Hard disk storage type (dynamically expending storage) and click "Next" button.
    Select storage type
  8. Set location where you want to save Hard disk, set hard disk size and click "Next" button.
    Set disk location and size
  9. Click "Finish" button on create disk wizard.
  10. Click "Finish" button on create new virtual machine wizard.
  11. Select your virtual machine (Mac) and click on "Settings" button.
    Virtual machine settings
  12. Select system from left navigation, set CD/DVD-ROM at first and hard disk at second in Boot order and uncheck "Enable EFI (special OSes only)" checkbox.
    Virtual machine settings - system
  13. Select Display from left navigation, set Video memory to maximum and select "Enable 3D Acceleration" checkbox.
    Virtual machine settings - display
  14. Select Storage from left navigation and select "Empty". (under IDE Controller) and replace it with the Snow Leopard image you have downloaded from torrent (make sure you have unzip it and now it has extension .iso). Click "OK" to close Mac - Settings window.
    Virtual machine settings - display
  15. Select your virtual machine (Mac) and click on "Start" button.
    Virtual machine settings
  16. Once machine started press any key to boot from CD/DVD drive and follow the installation instructions.

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