PHP: Single Sign On (SSO) Module for KohanaMar 30, 2012

Single Sign On (SSO) is a session/user authentication process that allows a user to access multiple domains with a single username and password. To implement such a system is not easy as we all know that we can not share session information across different domains because of security restrictions. In PHP fortunately there is a very good and simple implementation of sharing session information across multiple domain (implemented by Arnold Daniels.

This post is about the implementation of Single Sign On as a Kohana module, so lets start with the requirements.


  1. Kohana 3.2 or above
  2. CURL enabled
  3. Download SSO Module


Let suppose you have two websites and You will need to setup one of your website to act as SSO server (and both will also act as client off course). So lets make the SSO server (and and the SSO clients).

Installation steps

  1. Past the downloaded SSO module into module folder of project directory.
  2. Run the schema.sql bundeled with the SSO module, on the MySQL database server for
  3. Add two broker's information in the brokers table (assign unique key and password to each broker).
  4. Update broker information in sso config file.
  5. Repeat all above steps for
  6. Commit the following code in modules/sso/init.php for (as this domain is acting as client only).
   Route::set('ssoserver', 'sso/attach/<broker>/<token>/<checksum>/<returnurl>')
            ->defaults(array('controller' => 'sso',
                             'action' => 'attach'));

   Route::set('ssoserver_1', 'sso/<action>')
            ->defaults(array('controller' => 'sso'));

For sample implementation please see sample folder (in sso folder).

Thats all, enjoy session sharing across multiple domains :)

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