10 things I hate about Software EngineersDec 21, 2010

  1. They will wish you EID like:
    $Your_EID = Muslims::Eid();
    class Muslims {
    	public static function Eid() {
    		$result = array();
          $result[] = 'Blessings of Allah';
          $result[] = 'Happiness';
          $result[] = 'Shower of Love';
          $result[] = 'Wealth';
  2. If you ask them to go for shopping, they will create a list and try to find a shortest path from home –> market –> home.
  3. Marrying them one must have to compromise with at least one Rival (their PC or laptop).
  4. They can live without everything except their PC, coffee and Google search.
  5. If you tell them about bug in their software they will first try to convince you that it's a feature.
  6. They don't like formal dressing. You will find them wearing jeans and t-shirt most of the time.
  7. They usually don't shave beard daily.
  8. They hate working on Saturdays.
  9. Sometime they solve problems while sleeping and wake up shouting "HURRAY! I figured that out".
  10. They code and they think they have implemented the best logic. After 1 or 2 months code looks pathetic to them and they re-factor it and this continues forever.

But I still love being a Software Engineer :)

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